The first multicultural city of the metaverse

A whole ecosystem with some great touristic, technological, educational, social and financial programs.

Our partners

you want to join the list, kindly email us at contact@metown.io

* Already growing up 1500% since metacoin (MTC) have been launched

👉 Special MTC Staking Program.

Earn the 14–16% APY in staking rewards, this special offer is to reward the long-term HODLers in the MTC Community.

The MetaCoin project management is also happy to offer the community a special offer that will help more users to engage with their project. Users who do staking of a minimum of 15,000 MTC for at least six months already leading into July 2023 will receive MetaCoin’s exclusive VR headset, Angel Eyes, for FREE.

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Our projects

Metatown offer a favorable environment for education and research company by providing a cute area to experience and improve their capability.

Verse Education

It is a Program open to the educational and research system allowing them to transpose a real program in the metaverse or create a brand new education program in Metatown. People that cannot have access to advanced research technologie and equipement can access them in Metatown research center.

MetaBank program

The purpose is to replicate our outside staking program into the first commercial bank of Metatown and connect them together. This will allowed all the stakers of Metacoin to have their staking value as a deposit into the bank. This deposit can be used as collateral for a crypto loan program into Metatown.

Metatown Tourism

This program will be a virtual immersion in the most famous museum and safari area of the world. Those safari reserve and museum will be virtualized in metatown.

Metatown community & Developers

As the project is young, Metatown community and developers are in build and will be expanded to a third party developers community. Also, some events like Hackathons will be organized to further incentivize development.

Angel eyes

Virtual reality headset used to access the metaverse with native access to Metatown.A 3D scanner will be integrated to the headset to make environment scanning easier.

Brand and Content Partners

Intertainement area is the most touched by the wonderfull opportunity offer by Metatown ecosystem. Starting from advertising board in metatown, passing through the various shop owned by user in metatown city. There is a lot of application for enterteinment area.

Our Roadmap

Our digital Wallet Application

will be designed to store and the stacke all our token.

Powerfull application connected to metabank

All the token staked in the wallet will be available in Metatown bank as deposit.

Brings more Transparency, security and Speed

Token price will be synchronized in realtime. High security protocole will be associated

Special for Multiple Use Capabilities

Decentralized wallet for storage, stacking, swapping.

Token metrics

Our First and main token Metacoin have been created with a fixed supply of 100,000,000 of token. 60,000,000 are still locked in a contract currently

Metacoin(MTC) Allocation

About MTC

MTC staking program currently ongoing
Total supply of MTC 100,000,000
MTC staking program return 14–16% APY
MTC will be used as transactional fee in metatown.

Our Team

" The best way to predict your future is to create it ". * Abraham Lincoln * Join our awesome team and let create the future together

Vignilé Sinodobe AGLI


Arnaud Rama AGLI


Amir Hossain Emon